Best Men’s Piste Ski 2024/25

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Category: Best Men’s Piste Ski 2024/25 (Video Review)

Location: La Clusaz, France

Testers: Elsa Powell-Dooley | Kev Harris | Sam Temple | Lloyd Wallace | Rob Stewart | Betony Garner | David Robertson

Clothing Partner: Helly Hansen


Overall Winners

The Best Advanced Piste Ski –Salomon Addikt Pro 76

Best Mid Level Piste Skier – Volkl Racetiger SC

Best Entry Level Piste Ski – Rossignol Forza 50

The InTheSnow ski test team (Bio’s below) met at the SIGB Ski Test in La Clusaz in January 2024, armed not just with their passion for powder but also with a mission: to find out what the Best Men’s Piste Ski for the 2024-25 season actually is.

With 7 testers, each possessing a wealth of skiing experience, the stage was set for 5 days of testing skis from over 20 manufactures.  From sharp turns to high-speed descents, every edge, curve, and carve was scrutinised, until we found three standout performers.

Our testers were kitted out in Helly Hansen gear, wearing the Elevation Pro Shell jacket and Bib pants, experiencing their award winning jacket (and pants) firsthand. The combination of Helly Hansen’s cutting-edge technology and sleek design kept the testers warm all day but also gave them maximum mobility.

We unveil our three favourite ‘top pick’ piste skis, selected to cater to different skill levels and preferences. Read on as we uncover the best performing skis to make our list of ‘Best Men’s Piste Skis 2024/25’.

The Best Men’s Piste Ski – Advanced Level

Salomon Addikt Pro 76: Carving Precision and All-Day Versatility

Introducing the eagerly anticipated 2024-25 Salomon Addikt Pro 76, now available for Early Release at Ellis Brigham. This latest iteration builds upon the legacy of the Addikt Pro series, boasting subtle enhancements that promise to elevate your on-piste experience to new heights.

Design and Performance

Best Men's Piste Ski

The Salomon Addikt Pro 76 is a refined masterpiece, showcasing a widened waist and a hint of nose rocker compared to its predecessor, the Addikt Pro. This evolution provides a touch more stability, ensuring confidence-inspiring performance even when tackling rougher terrain. With its 76mm waist, this ski strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability, offering the playful carvability characteristic of the Addikt Pro series while enhancing its ability to navigate varied conditions.

Terrain Type & Skier Profile

This ski is best suited to the discerning skier who is most focused on carving precision on groomed runs, the Salomon Addikt Pro 76 is a true piste carving machine. However, its versatility extends beyond the slopes, thanks to its widened waist and nose rocker, making it equally adept at tackling slightly rougher terrain. Whether you’re an intermediate enthusiast or an advanced skier, this ski is tailored for those who demand exceptional performance and stability.

Overview of Features

The Salomon Addikt Pro 76 features a deep sidecut with wide contact points near the tip, facilitating quick engagement and smooth transitions from edge to edge. Its Full Poplar Woodcore, complemented by a double Titanal construction, ensures a harmonious blend of stability, lightness, and liveliness. The addition of Blade Technology, inspired by Salomon’s race department, enhances the ski’s carving ability, delivering smooth and stable turns at high speeds. Meanwhile, the Motion Tail technology enhances tail flexibility by 5%, offering a forgiving yet responsive ride throughout the day.

InTheSnow ‘Best Advanced Men’s Piste Ski’ Verdict

In summary, the 2024-25 Salomon Addikt Pro 76 so incredibly well  precision engineered, providing all-day versatility. Whether you’re carving pristine groomers or venturing into slightly rougher terrain, this ski promises performance and stability. With its innovative construction, advanced features, and reliability, the Salomon Addikt Pro 76 is poised to become your trusted companion, allowing you to carve with confidence and finesse.

The Best Men’s Piste Ski – Intermediate Level

Volkl Racetiger SC: Designed for sharp turns and speed

Design and Performance

The Racetiger SC is a true testament to precision engineering. Crafted with a Titanal strip and tailored carbon shovel, this ski excels in extreme turning ability while maintaining remarkable smoothness and balance. Its design, featuring a slightly wider carbon shovel this year, ensures exceptional agility and responsiveness, allowing you to carve with precision and confidence at high speeds.

Terrain Type and Skier Profile

If you’re a skier who thrives on sharp turns, pushing the limits of speed and precision on groomed slopes, then the Racetiger SC is made for you! Designed for the experienced skier seeking maximum control and agility, this slalom ski offers a wide range of use, effortlessly transitioning between aggressive carving and smooth, balanced skiing. With its tailored carbon tips and integrated carbon strips, the Racetiger SC reduces the amount of force required, ensuring constant agility and drift qualities.

Overview of Features

Best Men's Piste Ski

The Racetiger SC boasts a host of features designed to optimise performance and responsiveness on the slopes. Tailored Carbon Tips reduce entry force into turns, while integrated carbon strips direct power precisely where it’s needed, ensuring unparalleled agility and drift qualities. The addition of a Titanal band provides necessary smoothness, allowing for dynamic riding styles and faster edge changes. With a more balanced shape and narrower centre width compared to its predecessors, the Racetiger SC offers enhanced manoeuvrability and a sportier feel.

InTheSnow ‘Best Intermediate Men’s Piste Ski’ Verdict

Our testers loved this ski, offering sporty skiers the ultimate blend of precision, control, and agility on the slopes. Whether you’re carving aggressive turns or enjoying a leisurely descent, this ski excels.

The Best Men’s Piste Ski – Entry Level

Rossignol Forza 50: Effortless Carving and Smooth Descents

This is a truly reliable ski tailored for those who are just beginning to carve. Equally this ski is great if you just enjoy cruising groomed slopes. You’ll discover the perfect blend of stability, control, and versatility that the Forza 50 offers.

Design and Performance

Best Men's Piste Ski

The Rossignol Forza 50 ski represents a fusion of innovation and reliability, designed to offer skiers an exceptional skiing experience. Boasting a sturdy construction and thoughtful design features, this ski is engineered to deliver optimal performance on groomed slopes. With its balanced flex and responsive handling, the Forza 50 provides skiers with the confidence to carve precise turns and navigate the piste with ease.

Terrain Type and Skier Profile

Ideal for skiers who wasn’t to cruising groomed runs all day long, the Rossignol Forza 50 is for those wanting a reliable and user-friendly skiing experience. Perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers alike, it offers stability and control for confident turns. Its forgiving nature and predictable performance make it an excellent choice for skiers looking to hone their skills.

Overview of Features

This ski has a balanced flex pattern and responsive handling, offering stability and control for confident turns and smooth transitions. The lightweight construction makes it easy to manoeuvre, while the forgiving nature of the ski provides a comfortable and enjoyable ride for skiers of all abilities. Equipped with reliable bindings and quality materials, the Forza 50 delivers consistent performance and reliability.

InTheSnow ‘Best Men’s Entry Level Piste Ski’ Verdict

Our testers voted this ski into the top 3, because it is a versatile and reliable option for skiers wanting an enjoyable on-piste experience. With its balanced flex, responsive handling, and forgiving nature, this ski offers stability and control and will help any beginner skier progress their carving techniques.

InTheSnow Ski Testers

Elsa Powell-Dooley

Elsa is a rising star in British alpine ski racing. With a career spanning three seasons, she has already made her mark with an impressive four U21 podium finishes at the English Skiing Championships. Elsa’s passion for skiing extends beyond the slopes, as evidenced by her engaging content on her  YouTube channel and Instagram profile. Follow her journey and be inspired by her dedication to the sport.

Kev Harris

Kev, brings a wealth of experience to the ski testing team as an accomplished TV presenter and seasoned alpine ski coach. With a diverse background in skiing, motorsport, and travel, Kev’s expertise adds depth to the testing process. Having spent over a decade coaching in the Alps, Kev’s keen eye for detail and passion for the sport ensures thorough and insightful evaluations of the skis under review.

Sam Temple

British Freestyle skier Sam Temple is no stranger to the world stage, having represented Team GB at the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998 and the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. Before his international career, Sam honed his skills as a ski instructor for five years, gaining invaluable experience on the slopes. With his extensive background in freestyle skiing and coaching, Sam brings a unique perspective to the ski testing team.

Lloyd Wallace

Lloyd is a seasoned British freestyle skier who has proudly represented his country at both the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics. With his impressive track record on the international stage. His firsthand knowledge of high-level competition and technical proficiency ensures thorough and accurate assessments of the skis under scrutiny.

Rob Stewart

Rob, presenter of The White Out podcast and a qualified BASI Level 4 Alpine Ski Instructor, rounds out the ski testing team with his extensive knowledge and passion for the sport. With a deep understanding of skiing technique and equipment, Rob’s insights provide invaluable context to the ski reviews.

Betony Garner

With over 13 years of experience in sports PR, Betony began at the Ski Club of Great Britain before contributing to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Transitioning to freelance consultancy in 2013, she has since worked with clients like British Ski and Snowboard, Sochi 2014, and Orica GreenEDGE professional cycling team. Based in Chamonix and London.

David Robertson

David is the CEO and co-founder of Action Outdoors. His passion for outdoor pursuits is reflected in his qualifications as an International Mountain Leader (IML), Yachtmaster Ocean, and Dive Master. David’s dedication to adventure and sport sees him regularly practicing a diverse range of activities. In winter, he indulges in skiing, ski-mountaineering, and kite skiing.

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