Best Women’s All Mountain Ski 2024/25

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Category: Best Women’s All Mountain Ski 2024/25 (Video Review)

Location: La Clusaz, France

Testers: Elsa Powell-Dooley | Kev Harris | Sam Temple | Lloyd Wallace | Rob Stewart | Betony Garner | David Robertson

Clothing Partner: Helly Hansen

Overall Winner

Volkl Blaze 86

Line Pandora 85

The InTheSnow ski test team (Bio’s below) met at the SIGB Ski Test in La Clusaz in January 2024, armed not just with their passion for powder but also with a mission: to find out what the Best Women’s All Mountain Ski for the 2024-25 season actually is.

With 7 testers, each possessing a wealth of skiing experience, the stage was set for 5 days of testing skis from over 20 manufactures.  From sharp turns to high-speed descents, every edge, curve, and carve was scrutinised, until we found two standout performers.

Our testers were kitted out in Helly Hansen gear, wearing the Elevation Pro Shell jacket and Bib pants, experiencing their award winning jacket (and pants) firsthand. The combination of Helly Hansen’s cutting-edge technology and sleek design kept the testers warm all day but also gave them maximum mobility.

We unveil our three favourite ‘top pick’ piste skis, selected to cater to different skill levels and preferences. Read on as we uncover the best performing skis to make our list of ‘Best Women’s All Mountain Skis 2024/25’.

Best Women’s All Mountain Ski 2024/25

After a rigorous week of testing skis in La Clusaz, our ski test team is excited to share our favourite women’s all-mountain skis for the upcoming season. Among the standout performers, the Line Pandora 85 and the Volkl Blaze 86 emerged as top choices, each offering unique strengths tailored to different skiing preferences and styles.

Line Pandora 85

For those seeking intuitive performance on hardpack terrain, the Line Pandora 85 stands out as a go-to option. This ski excels when the skies are clear, and the snow is fast, making it ideal for frontside skiers who occasionally venture off the beaten path. With its lightweight yet stable feel, the Pandora 85 delivers confidence-inspiring control, allowing skiers to carve precise turns with ease.

Best Women's All Mountain Ski

Innovative Design Features

13D Radius Sidecut: The Volkl Blaze ski incorporates a 3D radius sidecut, which optimises the ski’s turning capabilities across various snow conditions. This innovative design allows for smooth transitions between short and long turns, enhancing overall maneuverability and control on the slopes.

Full Tip-to-Tail Wood Core: Built with a full tip-to-tail wood core, the Volkl Blaze ski achieves a harmonious blend of lightweight agility and responsive performance. This construction not only enhances the ski’s liveliness but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for additional materials.

Elasticated, Rubbery Suspension Elements: The ski features elasticated, rubbery suspension elements strategically placed around the edges of the tip and tail. These elements act as bumpers, providing stability and damping vibrations, particularly in challenging snow conditions. This ensures a smoother ride and greater confidence for the skier.

Hybrid Multi-Layer Wood Core: Utilizing a hybrid multi-layer wood core, the Volkl Blaze ski offers a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and energy transmission. This innovative core construction enhances the ski’s versatility, allowing it to adapt to various riding styles and terrain types with ease.

Volkl Blaze 86

The Volkl Blaze 86 impresses with its versatile performance and innovative design features. As the “narrowest” ski in the Blaze series, it offers a perfect balance of smooth “surfing” and lightweight agility. Crafted with a full tip-to-tail wood core, this ski achieves a lively and responsive feel while also contributing to environmental sustainability by eliminating the need for plastic panels.

Best Women's All Mountain Ski

Innovative Design Features

One of the Blaze 86’s standout features is its 3D radius sidecut, which enhances manoeuvrability and control, particularly during fast, short turns. Additionally, elasticated, rubbery suspension elements around the ski’s edges act as bumpers in challenging snow conditions, providing stability and excellent flotation. Whether tackling off-piste terrain or venturing into the backcountry, the Blaze 86 delivers exceptional performance across various riding styles.

Ideal for Ambitious Skiers

Designed for sporty all-mountain skiers seeking adventure off-piste, as well as classic freeriders and ski tourers, the Blaze 86 offers versatility and reliability. Despite its slightly increased weight, the Blaze 86 compensates with significantly improved performance, making it a worthwhile choice for skiers eager to push their boundaries and explore diverse terrain.

InTheSnow Best Women’s All Mountain Ski Verdict

Overall, both the Line Pandora 85 and the Volkl Blaze 86 impressed our test team with their performance, versatility, and innovative design features. Whether you prefer carving smooth turns on hardpack or tackling challenging off-piste adventures, these skis offer the responsiveness and stability needed to elevate your skiing experience. For women seeking high-performance all-mountain skis for the upcoming season, the Line Pandora 85 and the Volkl Blaze 86 are undoubtedly worth considering.

InTheSnow Ski Testers

Elsa Powell-Dooley

Elsa is a rising star in British alpine ski racing. With a career spanning three seasons, she has already made her mark with an impressive four U21 podium finishes at the English Skiing Championships. Elsa’s passion for skiing extends beyond the slopes, as evidenced by her engaging content on her  YouTube channel and Instagram profile. Follow her journey and be inspired by her dedication to the sport.

Kev Harris

Kev, brings a wealth of experience to the ski testing team as an accomplished TV presenter and seasoned alpine ski coach. With a diverse background in skiing, motorsport, and travel, Kev’s expertise adds depth to the testing process. Having spent over a decade coaching in the Alps, Kev’s keen eye for detail and passion for the sport ensures thorough and insightful evaluations of the skis under review.

Sam Temple

British Freestyle skier Sam Temple is no stranger to the world stage, having represented Team GB at the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998 and the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. Before his international career, Sam honed his skills as a ski instructor for five years, gaining invaluable experience on the slopes. With his extensive background in freestyle skiing and coaching, Sam brings a unique perspective to the ski testing team.

Lloyd Wallace

Lloyd is a seasoned British freestyle skier who has proudly represented his country at both the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics. With his impressive track record on the international stage. His firsthand knowledge of high-level competition and technical proficiency ensures thorough and accurate assessments of the skis under scrutiny.

Rob Stewart

Rob, presenter of The White Out podcast and a qualified BASI Level 4 Alpine Ski Instructor, rounds out the ski testing team with his extensive knowledge and passion for the sport. With a deep understanding of skiing technique and equipment, Rob’s insights provide invaluable context to the ski reviews.

Betony Garner

With over 13 years of experience in sports PR, Betony began at the Ski Club of Great Britain before contributing to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Transitioning to freelance consultancy in 2013, she has since worked with clients like British Ski and Snowboard, Sochi 2014, and Orica GreenEDGE professional cycling team. Based in Chamonix and London.

David Robertson

David is the CEO and co-founder of Action Outdoors. His passion for outdoor pursuits is reflected in his qualifications as an International Mountain Leader (IML), Yachtmaster Ocean, and Dive Master. David’s dedication to adventure and sport sees him regularly practicing a diverse range of activities. In winter, he indulges in skiing, ski-mountaineering, and kite skiing.

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